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Order a 500 Word Blog Post

Blog Posts are a great way to answer the questions that your customers are asking on Search Engines like Googe, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. Attract new customers through Google searches by answering their questions with a comprehensive Blog Post. Answering their questions makes your company an authority figure in your respective industry, increasing traffic that is genuinely interested in your business, which can lead to increased sales conversions from this traffic.

Use our form to order our 500 Word Blog Posts from our Blogging Service. 500 Word Blog Posts are perfect for shorter blog posts that cover a topic for their visitors. This package is best for those who want to start out their blogging and inbound marketing efforts with well-written content that will attract visitors.

Most of our clients order 4 posts/month which allows them to release weekly articles on their blog to keep their new fans of their content excited and coming back because they know that every week they can come back and read up on the next trends in your industry.

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(Our Word Counts Are Minimum Values, Not Maximum Values)